AI meeting notes for Google Meet and Zoom meetings

Real-time meeting transcription software for your daily meetings. Record and transcribe, gain AI meeting notes, insights, action items and tasks right after the call. Apply AI meetings summarization and follow up meetings in seconds.

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How it works?

Real-time Meeting Transcription

Automatic Notetaker for Zoom Meetings and Google Meet

Get meeting transcriptions in seconds. Capture your meeting minutes as AI meeting notes with our free meeting transcription software. Avoid losing track of conversations during and after Zoom, Google Meet or Slack meetings. Organize your conversations in one place for an incredible level of productivity. AI notetaker installs in seconds and works quietly in the background to turbo boost your productivity. Your go-to AI notetaker for transcribing live meetings with clients and the team.

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Action Items And Follow-ups Extraction

Turn Notes Into Actions

Simply click on any part of a meeting transcription to live edit, highlight, or mark for follow-up. Extract insights or relevant pieces of conversations with the help of AI. Meet up with deadlines all the time and assign tasks correctly. Perform instant searches across entire transcriptions to pinpoint important words and topics.

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Collaboration and Integration

Build A Winning Team

Promote team innovation and productivity by allowing everyone accesses to each other's meeting transcription, summaries, and highlights. Catch up on missed meetings the hassle-free way. Connect with other project management tools and integrate transcriptions within existing workflows just the way you want.

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