About noty

We are on a mission of building your personal AI virtual assistant, so you can focus on what's really important.


Our team

Nick, CTO & co-founder

Tech guy, obsessed with building stuff, artificial intelligence and dogs.

Natalie, CEO & co-founder

Product person, obsessed with productivity, artificial intelligence and triathlon.

Met on Legal Tech acceleration in 2019, build an e-voting system for making legal decisions online and pivoted to develop Noty together.

Investing opportunities

Prior to the 3 quarter of 2022, we're raising 500 thousand dollars to accelerate the roadmap, grow tech team and enter US market

Why to invest

Market: global intelligent virtual assistant market is anticipated to reach $62 bln, with CAGR of 28.2%;

Problem validation: Team conducted 600+ in-depths interviews and knows what product people want and how to build it;

Product roadmap and vision: We have a clear roadmap designed to meet future of work and GMT focused on viral marketing channels;

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500 000USD

100 000 / 500 000

Round closes in



Lets build the future of work with Noty AI Virtual assistant!

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