HR and Recruitment

Leverage HR Transcription Service and AI Note-Taking For Verified HR Decisions

Build perfect teams and encourage proactive cooperation with automated meeting recorders and transcription, that gather meeting insights.


Travis — Junior Recruiter

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How to Enhance HR and Recruitment

Drive Teams to Success

Be updated on everyone’s needs and struggles and develop an individual approach that leads everyone to achieving common goals, by always listening carefully.

Bring Real Automation to HR Procedures

Whether remotely or in the office, use technology to help you gather and share accurate info by deploying transcription and note-taking service to the HR workflow.

Engage Cooperation

Delegate note-taking to Noty and stand up as the most insightful HR professional. Gather accurate data to align management and teams’ visions and help everyone find common ground with a careful understanding of every professional story.



Dedication to people rather than routines

Listen carefully, while the automated HR transcription service does its note-taking job.


New level of insightfulness

Revise online meetings transcripts to refresh your knowledge of every HR case and make the best decisions with every aspect considered.


Interview process simplified

Share the transcripts from all the interview stages across all the decision-makers to make sure noone missed a thing and you find the best candidates for the job.


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