Engineering Teams

Automate Workflows for Better Result by Using Meeting Transcription for Engineering Teams

Whether designing software, buildings, vehicles, or machines, leverage live meeting transcription and automated notes to enhance your team's synergy for massive results.


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Why Engineering Teams

Document & share ideas

Collect, organize and revise daily team meeting ideas in one place and easily exchange across team with the end-to-end automated note-taking tool.

Encourage proactive cooperation

Keep everyone on the same page from the planning stage to completion with timely action items extraction and automated follow-ups.

Bring product ideas to life

Rally your product development team together to implement the best of ideas with timely notification of individual responsibilities and follow-up actions.

Consolidate team effort

Incorporate AI meeting transcription as your daily stand-up tool and allow peer-to-peer access to reduce the complexity of project work.



Accurate insights & painless troubleshooting

Timely collect and analyze input with the help of meeting transcriptions to grasp last-minute defects and guide your team to flawless release.


Greater innovation and creativity

Set the stage for brainstorming, creativity, and innovation by leveraging meeting transcriptions and making AI generated meeting notes accessible for team members anytime.


Outcomes matched with expectations

Never miss a shift in project requirements and revise them anytime by setting up a structured data flow across the team and within all data management tools you already use.


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