Noty is a cloud-based solution and safeguarding the privacy of our users is crucial for us. Learn more about the data privacy practices that we follow.


Our security commitment

At we believe that the online meetings ecosystem wins when conversations are retainable and sharable. While developing a transcription service for online meetings, we realize that the discussed matters may contain confidential or sensitive information, so we are committed to keeping your information protected, by adhering to the global regulatory requirements and implying the highest security standards.

World Class Security Level

Data encryption

Noty uses the latest version of in-transit data encryption protocol TLS 1.3+ and the highest industry-standard encryption algorithm AES-256.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Europe’s regulation for data protection and privacy. We have incorporated GDPR standards into data practices to make sure our customers have confidence in our security.

SOC 2 (on its way)

We are in the process of achieving a SOC 2 report to warrant mitigating any possible security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality risks.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Security

Noty aims to ensure consistent quality and data protection standards throughout the development lifecycle. That’s why we integrated security tests and human review processes as a part of the software development process routine.

Vulnerability management

We continuously scan our applications and networks with the help of the most current and industry-proven vulnerability management tools to detect any vulnerable places that may affect the system’s functioning.

On Noty’s side, we devote our efforts to keeping all of our users’ information private and safe. Our service does not currently notify other participants that the call is being transcribed so it is the user’s responsibility to inform call participants about it.


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