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Educational Transcriptionі To Engage Learners and Leverage Academic Results

Use the power of AI transcription and note-taking to better the learning process for teachers and students. Build the library of study for easier and better understanding and retention with educational transcription.


Mr. Taylor — Sociology Professor

Delegate Webinar Jottings To AI

How Online Education
Benefits From

Enjoy better results with less effort

Improve comprehension level with educational transcription that allows collecting highlights and making class summaries without having to write notes or jot anything down with real-time transcription.

Never miss out on class

Struggling to keep up with class progress – AI meeting notes to the rescue. Sync AI transcriptions with your colleagues’ apps and access their transcriptions anytime.

Personalize learning

Create a convenient and stimulating study system with educational transcription by setting up AI powered action items, deadline reminders and follow-ups for all the assignments in seconds.



Staying up-to-date with courses

Check out the AI educational transcription at any time to clarify and solidify your understanding of the lessons taught. Attend each class with full understanding of every bit of information previously discussed in classes.


Improved time management

Create a study environment that keeps you on track with all that is going on and takes over your routines. The best note taking system and website for sharing notes that fosters students learning online.


Less fatigue

Study notes covered by AI, while you keep the focus and follow the classes in your online education without putting additional pressure on yourself.


Effective academic notes and summaries:

Easily collect highlights from AI study notes and make summaries for better understanding and retention as a student.


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