Online Consultations

Demonstrate Exceptional Insightfulness As an Online Consultant

Help clients improve business operations, develop financial and marketing strategies, and increase productivity with meeting transcription for online consulting.


Jennifer — Technology Consultant

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Why Online Consultations are better with Noty

Deliver the results timely

Synchronize meeting transcription tools during online consultations to quickly assess client needs and develop results-generating strategies that address those needs.

Listen better with real-time transcriptions

Get the perfect detail for every online consultation by leveraging real-time transcription in meetings with clients, while freelancing online.

Follow-up smartly

Quickly extract key data from online meeting transcription to drive intelligent conversations during follow-ups.



Monitoring client results

Track outcomes with knowledge and tools to prevent problems and optimize policies to improve performance.


Defining the problem

Gain accurate knowledge, and clear idea about customer needs by accessing conversations transcriptions and automated highlights with meeting transcription for online consulting.


Providing expert strategies

Gather deep insights into customer issues and provide expert advice, analysis and recommendations for problem solving.


Handling objections

Review meeting minutes transcript to send meaningful responses to a client's question or concern and propose alternative solutions.


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