Remote teams

Align Team Effort for Success

Build remote team collaboration and inspire collective efficiency with automated teams transcription.


Kamala — Line Producer

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Why Remote Teams Need

Drive Team Activities Smoothly

Develop action plans and strategies from key ideas shared in meetings and update team members on responsibilities without stress.

Bring Everyone Together

Whether it's a daily Scrum meeting or any online virtual meeting with a team, integrate AI teams transcription to facilitate collaboration and increase productivity.

Leverage AI Meeting Assistant

Let the automated meeting notetaker do the work of a secretary in a remote meeting while you focus on actions that drive results.



Clear meeting purpose

Review AI teams transcription anytime and get into meetings with accurate ideas of meeting expectations and priorities.


Improved team focus

Instead of worrying about keeping up with conversations in virtual meetings, focus on bringing up strategies and ideas to improve team performance.


Improved turnaround time

Accelerate workflow and productivity by integrating automatic meeting transcription into your daily standup meetings.


Ensured team transparency

Allow team members to access everyone's Zoom and Google Meeting conversations, so everyone is on the same page.


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