Sales and discovery

Leverage Transcription for Sales Meetings and Demonstrate Exceptional Insightfulness

Create targeted breakthrough sales strategies for clients acquisition by organizing your sales and discovery calls with advanced call recording software.


Jillian — Sales Manager

Collect AI meeting insights

How to Grow Sales with

Keep Call Insights Organized

Instantly generate strategies and accurate action plans to follow up on cold calls and smoothly execute the sales process.

Perfect Your Sales Process

Strengthen your connection with customers and monitor the success of sales calls by integrating transcription tools into your conferencing software and CRM systems.

Never Miss a Piece of Info

Define discovery calls and gain insight into customer goals and needs by using transcription for sales meetings and automated note-taking tools.



Tracked calls progress

Review sales call transcripts with prospects to understand your progress with customers and optimize your strategy for success.


Exceptional insightfulness

Demonstrate superior conversational intelligence in discovery calls, sales calls, or sales coaching sessions with customers to cement their trust in you.


Deals closed easily

Respond meaningfully and convincingly to customer questions or concerns and handle sales objections with care to win customers.


Exceeded customer expectations

Gather insights from meeting minutes by using transcription for sales meetings to develop a high-quality sales strategy that leads to better results than your clients expect.


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