UX/UI Researchers

Create Impeccable Research Repository with Real-Time Meeting Transcriptions

Build and systematically update a central UX knowledge hub by implementing an AI transcription and recording for teams online meetings.


Gabriella — UI Researcher

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Why UI/UX Researchers Need Noty.ai

Polish your presentations

Impress UX research contributors with powerful and detailed user research presentations by syncing live transcriptions into user research calls or interviews.

Share knowledge comprehensively

Make everyone in the team a contributor to the research repository and allow easy access for all the teams to boost brainstorming and take human-friendliness of your designs to the next level.

Ease workflow

Synchronize a research repository with all data sources by incorporating meeting transcriptions, so that your references and insights are always up-to-date.



Deep and thorough understanding of users

Give teams access to the interview flows to help them deeply understand customer expectations and refresh the grasp of requirements.


Maximizing team effectiveness and collaboration

Create a UX research repository that provides a solid knowledge of how to conduct UX interview sessions. Draft an all-inclusive UX knowledge report from user interviews to give comprehensive guidance to the teams.


Making customers’ interviews fun and effective

Easily curate the best user interview questions to improve follow-ups by storing all interview details in one central location.


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